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Tencent entered the world of AI art with QQ Different Dimension Me

With QQ Different Dimension Me, you will finally find your anime version: But first, you should learn how to use Tencent Anime AI, and don’t worry; you have come to the right place for it.

AI craze takes over the Internet, and a new AI tool pops up daily. Our today’s pick is QQ Different Dimension Me from the parent company of Riot Games, Funcom, and more.

People are already fallen in love with the Tencent Anime AI, which uses pictures to create anime-inspired images. Is it a calf love or a safe place to settle? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

QQ Different Dimension Me: Tencent Anime AI explained

A technology powered by the artificial intelligence called Different Dimension Me turns photos of you, your friend, or even a meme into anime versions. When the tool, which made its debut on the Tencent QQ platform in November 2022, allowed users to create animated representations of themselves or their preferred non-anime characters, it soon went viral.

The platform QQ, which has its roots in China, is comparable to WhatsApp or WeChat.

Many believe that the generator makes use of the Stable Diffusion AI model, albeit this is unproven.

Online users all over the world are rapidly embracing this AI tool. Due to it being initially developed for Chinese users, many of them still aren’t familiar with how to use it.

The only English instruction on the UI is the name of the software. Following that, several blogs and influencers started to offer tutorials for devoted users. However, the finished version isn’t always enough. The result could be unexpected as the image becomes more complex, particularly when AI is unsure of or perplexed by some people or objects. At the time of writing, This AI-generated content (AIGC) tool has been charged with racial bias due to flawed algorithms and image recognition capabilities.

However, it is a technical flaw, and we don’t think QQ Different Dimension Me is created this way initially. Soon, maybe even when you read this article, this bug has already been solved. So, let’s learn how to use Tencent Anime AI and test it!

How to use QQ Different Dimension Me?

The steps below can be used to generate your own AI-generated Different Dimension Me anime image:

  • Visit
  • Select “我也要玩” (Paint now).
  • Upload an image.
  • Allow the AI to create an anime version of your image.
  • The anime image is revealed after a brief music video that introduces the generated AI image.

QQ Different Dimension Me not working error: How to fix Tencent Anime AI?

Recently, some fans have complained that the website is down. Also, the AI generator might not work with all URLs because it seems to be created for mobile devices.

The Different Dimension Me Server gets overloaded when you receive the message “The event is too hot, please try again later” this happens occasionally. This problem persists for a while until the website’s server is less stressed and the website isn’t constantly refreshing to show alternative dimensions.

The website is used by many concurrent users, which uses up a lot of server resources and bandwidth. You should upload a new photo if you see the message “The User’s face was not detected,” and you can replace the existing photo if this happens. This is because the face cannot be seen in the current picture.

The message “Service is being upgraded, Please come back later” indicates that maintenance is taking place. Additionally, the teams at Different Dimension Me are updating the system to improve its scalability, degree of flexibility, and the above-mentioned bias issue.

Tencent Anime AI generator examples

Although it has some flaws, some of the outcomes of QQ Different Dimension Me are outstanding and hilarious. Since its release and rise to fame worldwide, users have started posting their AI-generated anime images on social media.